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This Dark Souls Vinyl edition is composed of 2 LPs.

Finds in this edition the original soundtracks of Dark Souls, the true essence of premium quality vinyl.

Composed by Motoi Sakuraba and Yuka Kitamura, Dark Souls orchestral themes will make you dive into the sinister, dark and dramatic world of the series.

The Dark Souls original soundtracks, captured in a premium sound, will give the listener a truly immersive experience and remind each Dark Souls fan their intense boss fights and the best (and worst) moments of their deadly journeys.

Disk 1 Side A

Firelink Shrine
Taurus Demon
Bell Gargoyle
Gaping Dragon
Chaos Witch Quelaag

Disk 1 Side B

Daughters of Chaos
Iron Golem
Ornstein & Smough
Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight
Great Grey Wolf Sif
Ceaseless Discharge
Centipede Demon

Disk 2 Side C

Four Kings
Seath the Scaleless
Gravelord Nito
Bed of Chaos
The Ancient Dragon
Crossbreed Priscilla
Dark Sun Gwyndolin


Disk 2 Side D

Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
Nameless Song
Sanctuary Guardian
Knight Artorias
Battle of Stoicism
Manus, Father of the Abyss

Dark Souls™ & ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. / ©FromSoftware, Inc.

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