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There is a cutscene that plays just before the start of The Great Grey Wolf, Sif boss battle, and there are two variations to this cutscene depending on how players progress through the game.This statue's concept is inspired by the alternate cutscene, which can be unlocked by first going through the contents of the Artorias of the Abyss DLC before facing Sif. And the design of the base helps to recreate the cutscene as well, as it replicates the mossy grounds of Darkroot Garden, which is where the events took place.

During the alternate cutscene, the player character falls on their back as The Great Grey Wolf, Sif slowly approaches them, and Sif will remember their familiar scent. As the player character stretches out their hand towards Sif, the saddened wolf will give off a mighty howl just before picking up the Greatsword of Artorias drilled into the ground to reluctantly face the player character.

The Exclusive Edition of this statue comes with the tombstone of Artorias the Abysswalker, as well as the swords of countless undead, which are all present in the boss room where you fight The Great Grey Wolf, Sif. Furthermore, you also receive First 4 Figures' beautifully designed signature Premium Deluxe Box that perfectly complements its contents and may serve as a display.

This is the fourth statue to release in the Dark Souls SD lineup.


Dark Souls™ – The Great Grey Wolf, Sif SD (Exclusive Edition - 22.2cm) comes with the following:

  • Dark Souls™ – The Great Grey Wolf, Sif SD PVC painted statue
  • Highly detailed PVC base inspired by the Dark Souls™ art style
  • Greatsword of Artorias
  • Artorias the Abysswalker's Tombstone
  • Swords of fallen undead
  • Premium Deluxe Box
  • Limited Edition Numbering
  • Authentication Card
  • Product Size (Statue including base): 22.2cm

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