THE DARK PICTURES: DEVIL IN ME - Animatronic collector’s edition [PS4]

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Animatronic collector’s edition:


This Animatronic Collector’s edition, exclusive to the BANDAI NAMCO Store includes:
  • The Devil in Me full game (PS4™, PS5™, XBOX ONE, XBOX SERIES X|S and PC Download)
  • Exclusive animatronic bust figurine (11 cm, resin, hand-painted) : Du’Met uses the bodies of his victims to construct horrific animatronics. This one is his mentor and inspiration, serial killer Manny Sherman
  • The Animatronic’s box
  • Exclusive Lonnit Entertainment business card
  • Exclusive Hotel Postcard + Envelope
  • Printed map of the hotel’s island

Prepare for the ultimate serial killer in The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me.
A group of documentary filmmakers receive a mysterious call inviting them to a modern-day replica of the so-called ’Murder Castle’ of H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer. But on arrival they soon discover they’re being watched and even manipulated, and suddenly there is much more at stake than just their ratings…
Treat yourself to a stay in this infamous and gruesome Murder Hotel. Where death imitates art with rooms that are exquisitely designed and hand-picked for your perfect demise. As with all artists, your host loves to keep souvenirs: fail to outwit the hunter, fall prey to his twisted games and your room key isn’t the only thing you will lose!
In the words of the wise Curator: “Art can elicit all sorts of reactions. Delight, inspiration, desire, yes... but also doubt, fear and dread.”

The Game :


A series of stand-alone branching cinematic horror games from the studio behind Until Dawn. Easy to pick-up and play in short sessions, alone or with friends. The Devil in Me is the fourth game in the series and the Season One finale.
A group of documentary film makers receive a mysterious call inviting them to a modern-day replica of serial killer H.H. Homes’ ‘Murder Castle’. It’s an opportunity that’s too good to pass up and could be just the thing they’re looking for to win some much-needed public interest.
The hotel is the perfect set for their new episode, but things aren’t quite as they seem. The crew discover they’re being watched and even manipulated, and suddenly there’s much more at stake than just their ratings!

Welcome to the Murder Hotel! 
Nothing is as it seems here, and the amenities are to die for! Explore every nook of the World’s Fair Hotel using the all-new season finale features including character inventory, tool-based puzzles, and expanded movement actions such as run, jump, and climb.

Your death is his design
Escape the torturous creations of an evil monster who is hellbent on becoming America’s deadliest serial killer & survive elaborate ‘killing rooms’ where your own death is by the killer’s design.

Don’t Play Alone!
Endure terrifying tests of loyalty – will you risk your own life for someone you care for? The two critically acclaimed multiplayer modes are back: share your story online with a friend or aim for safety in numbers through the offline 5-player pass-the-pad mode.

Can you outsmart the killer and checkout all your cast? All playable characters can live or die in your version of the story.


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