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Kirito also known as the Black Swordsman is always ready to fight for justice and help his friends. One day Kirito woke up in the middle of the forest of an unknown world. Shortly after his arrival, he meets a young man, Eugeo, who explained to him the basics of the world, the underworld. While trying to discover more about this universe and finding a way back to the real world, Kirito will gently help Eugeo to become a swordsman and find his friend Alice...

Kirito has been used to wear black clothes since the first rare item he obtained from a boss drop. On this figurine, Kirito wears Sword Mastery Academy uniform of pitch-black color. In his hand, his favorite weapon, the Night Sky Sword that was made from Gigas Cedar’s branch that received the most blessing from Solus and Terraria goddesses.

Fans of the universe will be pleased by this figurine that respects the full details of our hero!

Material: PVC
Size: 5.9 inches

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Type of Product: Merchandise
SKU: M02490